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Dec 12, 2012 3:00am PST
-to-work measures will soon be the law of the land there. republican governor rick snyder signed the measures yesterday despite widespread protests by labor unions at the state capitol. the law will make it illegal to require an employee to pay union dues as a condition of their employment. but governor snyder says it was the unions who started this fight in the first place by trying to add collective bargaining rights in the state's constitution. michigan has the fifth highest percentage of unionized workers at more than 17%, and it's hardly alone in passing right-to-work laws. 23 other states have already done the same. >> carl? >> we have a national problem, and that is how to not become a p plutocracy. and we're well on our way. and unions help keep us from being a plutocracy. we now we have less than 10% of the labor force that is unionized. at the same time, we need more people who are protected and can learn these new trades and jobs that tom friedman is talking about. and we are in an era, for the first time, these people are not unionized, and therefore the gap between the r
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1